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EWO Classic
Drinking Water
Drinking Water
Industrial Processes

Drinking water vitalization

3/8" - 6"

Water vitalization for your entire home

Supply your entire home with vitalized water, be it in the kitchen, bath, shower, washing machine, or any other device with a water connection.


As the owner of an EWO device you'll enjoy vitalized water at all times and anywhere in the house. Treat your skin to vitalized water in the shower or soak up the power of nature in your bath.

Quench your thirst with refreshing vitalized water. Cut down your use of detergents, chemicals and cleaning products while enjoying the same results, knowing you are doing your part to reduce groundwater pollution.


Vitalization of process water and water that is used for production or mixing purposes. Enjoy the same benefits of EWO water vitalization in commercial and industrial applications. Please contact us for detailed information.