EWO Dolomit

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EWO Dolomit
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Drinking Water
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Drinking water vitalization, specifically for lime scaling

1" - 4"

Actively fights lime scaling & Vitalizes your water

We have combined two proven technologies in this new device, the EWO DOLOMIT:


1. The effective EWO Vitalization using 3 mechanisms of the EWO CLASSIC


2. The proven cathodic protection using sacrificial magnesium anodes


Both methods have been proven to be effective against lime scaling. The unique and innovative combination of these technologies in the EWO DOLOMIT now provides lime scale protection in extreme applications of water temperatures of over 60° C and in the hardest of water conditions.


The advantages of this combined technology:

  • Less lime scale deposits on various surfaces (such as sinks, faucets and tiles) and devices like kettles, coffee machines, dishwashers, laundry machines, etc.
  • The water composition is unchanged and essential minerals remain in the water
  • Cost-effective as no chemicals or electricity is required
  • Easy exchange of replacement anodes
  • Indicator warns when anode needs to be exchanged




The sacrificial magnesium anode will last about 1-3 years depending on water usage and level of hardness. Once the indicator tip turns red, the magnesium rod needs to be replaced. The magnesium rod used in the device is certified for use in drinking water according to the European norm 12438.