EWO Gourmet

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EWO Gourmet
Filtered Drinking Water
Filtered Drinking Water

Activated Carbon

Filter plus vitalization

Various systems

The device for water connoisseurs

Rediscover the joy of drinking great water!


Drinking ample amounts of water improves your health and performance. Enjoy water that has been filtered using high quality activated carbon and vitalized using the renowned EWO technology. Great tasting, vitalized water right from your tap!


The EWO Gourmet is our high quality filtration system available in 4 models to suit your needs. It provides all of the advantages of filtration and vitalization in only simple solution as single water tap or combination set for your kitchen sink.




  • EWO Water Vitalization
  • Newest Filter technology
  • Mineral content maintained
  • Neutral taste
  • Simple handling
  • Easy installation



Chose your GOURMET-System



Each of the 4 models includes:

  • EWO VITAL 3/8” vitalization device
  • Activated carbon filter with the casing and all of the components required for installation