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EWO Vital
Pools & Natural fonds
Pools & Natural fonds
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Heating Circuits
Heating Circuits

For all kinds of circuits

3/8" - 8"

Water vitalization for all water circuits

The EWO VITAL series is the ideal alternative to the effective CLASSIC device series, specifically designed for water circuits.


Used in pools, natural ponds and spas, you’ll be impressed by the positive changes. Improved water quality with an opportunity to save on chlorine, chemicals and cleaning agents - what more could you want?


VITAL for Pools, Natural Ponds, Fountains

  • Reduced chemical use possible
  • Improved microbiology
  • Easier cleaning
  • Clearer water



VITAL for your heating system:

  • Protection for the entire system
  • Clear heating water
  • Entirely natural
  • Maintenance of heating water
  • Savings for decades
  • Maintenance free


Maintaining heating water circuits is often difficult and laborious as well as not very environmentally friendly.

By contrast, the EWO method provides clear heating water using a natural vitalization method in a maintenance free device. This area has good potential for savings – save with EWO.



Vitalization of process water, heating and cooling circuits

A growing number of well-known companies are opting for EWO water vitalization technology. Thinking ahead will pay off as you enjoy the benefits of vitalized EWO water. Reduce your operating costs and be in harmony with nature - conserve resources and protect the environment! A decision that will pay off... faster than you might think!



VITAL for process water & cooling circuits

  • Fewer technical problems & reduced system maintenance
  • Prevent algae growth
  • Reduce chemical use