EWO Vitality Filter

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EWO Vitality Filter
Filtered Drinking Water

Activated Carbon Filter

Plus vitalization Portable

Great water with this entry-level device

EWO Vitalization nozzle with a new information carrier Other vitalizing EWO products: While the built-in EWO devices supply vitalized water to your entire house, this device offers a simple and flexible solution for filtering and vitalizing your drinking water.


This is the recommended device for anyone looking for an affordable way to get great, vitalized water. This sophisticated nozzle has an internal double helix that causes counter rotating whirling and oxygenates the water. In addition, this device also vitalizes and activates the water. The information transfer in this portable The filter installs quickly and easily on a variety of taps and is therefore an ideal travel filter. Great for summer homes, cabins, camping or while staying at hotels. You will always have access to refreshing, high quality drinking water.